Arkan - Hilal (2008)

Melodic Death Metal with Middle Eastern Influences
Florent: Extreme vocals / Abder: Clean Vocals - Guitars - Keyboards & Oud / Foued: Drums - percussions & Backing Vocals / Mus: Guitars - Acoustic Guitars & Oud / Samir: Bass / Sarah: Female vocals

01.Groans Of The Abyss
02.Lords Decline
03.Mistress Of The Damned Souls
04.Lamma Bada "Under The Spell Of Haughtiness"
05.Tied Fates
06.The Seven Gates
07.Athaoura "Shaped By The Hands Of Gods"
08.Chaos Cypher
09.Defying The Idols
10.El Houdou
11.Native Order
12.Amaloun Jadid